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SYP Basketball Academy is a non-profit Association. Its aim is to provide basketball facilities and education  to communities of developing nations. 

2018-19 Report & 2020 Projects

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To renovate the public basketball court for the town of Bissorã and establish an inclusive basketball program for the youth, aimed at personal development. This program is in partnership with ADPP (Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo), a Non-Governmental Organisation that has helped the community of Guinea-Bissau since 1980 in areas such as Agriculture, Education, Health, Culture and Community Development. To learn more about ADPP, click here.

3 Step Approach:

Basketball Development Camps
1. Renovate

We renovated the 25 year old court by reparing the 2 broken baskets and upgrading the other two, adding lines, and fixing the different holes on the ground. If funding allows, we will also place solar powered lights to allow people to play sport after sunset. 

Basketball Development Tours
2. The Trip

Upon completion of step one, the SYP Team spent a week on spot to work with the community; form the local physical education teachers on the basics of basketball training, and running basketball camps for local boys and girls.

Basketball Development Camps
3. Year Round Implementation

With the help of the ADPP for the coordination and communication, the newly formed coached will be able to implement the program with quality training and mentoring for the local youth.  


Learn about Gineau-Bissau and the town of Bissora.


Thanks to these professional basketball players who helped raise funds for the SYP Bissora Basketball Academy project.

Malte Ziegenhagen

“What a great opportunity to have an impact on our world. I love it.”

Gilles Martin

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Let’s stand together to make this beautiful project reality.”

Kuany Kuany

“Basketball has given me so much. It is more than just a sport. Let’s give the less fortunate the chance to love the game and grow through it.”